30 Weeks Pregnant-3rd Trimester

29 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks Pregnant-3rd Trimester

I am just passed 30 weeks pregnant only 9.5 weeks to go!  I have been really busy with life, work and being30 Weeks Pregnant pregnant and I missed giving you all an update this past week.  I will give you a combined update this week to make up for last week.

Heart burn

The past couple of weeks I have felt pretty tired, but good in general.  I have also continued to have issues with heart burn at night and try to eat my last meal no later then 6 pm just to be safe.  If I eat too late I am stuck sitting up in bed so I don’t end up with acid in my mouth.  (I know gross!!) This is one of the joys of pregnancy.  Another tip is to have Tums on hand.  My doctor told me Tums are safe to take while pregnant and they have been helpful for me.

Pregnancy Workout At 30 Weeks

I have continued to workout, although not quite as many days or as intensely as I had been.  This is mainly Baby William 29 Weeksdue to not only a lack of energy, but also because my bump is making certain exercises more uncomfortable and difficult.  In fact the other day I went for a 2 mile walk (and was hurrying back because I had to pee) and as soon as I was able to sit down I could hardly keep my eyes open.  This is something that would have never worn me out a couple of months ago.  Exercise is important to me and it makes me feel better, so even if a walk is all I have energy for I do my best to get it in.  I have been told exercise during pregnancy will help in delivery as well.

Green Juice

I am still drinking my green juice daily and it is an easy way to get my greens in. It is so important while
your pregnant to get your fresh veggies and some fruit in.  If you would like to try the recipe here is the link: GREEN JUICE RECIPE

Baby William

We have been calling our baby boy William and he has been a very active baby.  This week he is weighing in30 weeks pregnant at about 3 pounds and is between 15.2-16.7  inches long.  He will be growing at about a half a pound per week for the next 7 weeks.

Doctors Appointment

I had a doctors appointment a week ago and we were able to do an ultrasound to see our little guy.  He is looking healthy and cute as can be.  My next appointment is in 2 weeks and it will be another quick check up.

3D-4D Ultrasound

This Friday we have an appointment for a 3D-4D ultrasound pictures and video!!  We are so excited and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Thank you for following my fit pregnancy journey.


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