35 Weeks Fit Pregnancy Update

35 week pregnancy update

35 Weeks Fit Pregnancy Update

Doctor Check Up35 weeks pregnant


This week has gone great!  I had my 35 week pregnancy doctor appointment on Friday and it went well.

It was a quick one again.  They checked my weight, blood pressure, measured my bump and listened to William’s heart beat.  He said everything looked good and that it was fine to participate in the Empire Classic CrossFit Contest the next day.

Empire Classic CrossFit Competition

Justin and I both were able to compete which was a blast!  It will be the last contest we do together before William arrives.  I did the scaled version of the contest which was 4 workouts spread out throughout the day.

Workout #135 weeks pregnant doing a CrossFit Contest

My first workout was 8 minutes to find my one rep power clean max.  Although I wasn’t able to find my real one rep max, I was able to do 135 lbs.  I decided to stop there because I have to make sure I miss my bump on the way up.

Workout #2

Workout #2 was 2 minutes of burpees over the bar.  I am unable to do a burpee right now because my bump is in the way, so I did updowns  and stepped over the bar instead.  I was able to do 27 in the two minutes.

Workout #3

Workout #3 was 21-15-9 reps of push-press with 65 lbs, step ups onto a 20 inch box and then 150 single jump ropes.  This means 21 push-press 21 steps ups followed by 150 jump ropes, then 15 push-press, 15 step ups followed by 150 singles, and then 9 push-press, 9 step ups followed by 150 singes.  Lets just say the jump roping was the real struggle for me because I have this little body squishing my bladder, lol.

Workout #4

Workout #4 was a a descending ladder of 20 air squats -50 meter run, 20 kettlebell swings-50 meter run then 18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2.  There was a 15 minute time cap.  I made it through the 2 squats before the time cap.  I was not able to run because of all of the pelvis pressure (which makes it painful).  So, as much as I wanted to run, I had to speed walk instead.

Braxton Hicks Post Competition

Between the warm sun and 4 workouts I was exhausted at the end of the competition and had some major Braxton Hicks contractions going on.  I decided to go home and relax for a couple hours along with drinking plenty of water.  My Braxton Hicks contractions calmed down and I felt so much better.

Preparing For Baby Williambaby boy baby shower

We are getting ready for baby William!  I have my diaper bag packed for the hospital along with half of my hospital bag packed.  I still need to finish it.  I also have his little car seat all ready and all of his clothes, blankets, bedding and burp rags washed.  I am so excited to see our little boy!!  I want him to wait until 38 weeks, but just in case he comes earlier we are trying to have everything prepared.

Baby Shower

My mom and sister put on the most amazing baby shower for me!  It was so fun and I got some adorable baby gear and items from everyone.  I am decorating his room in a whale theme with blue colors. His room is currently having to wait because we are planning to be moving at the end of the month. This should make everything a little more hectic, lol.

Birthing Class & Baby Update

Birthing class starts Tuesday!!   I will let you all know how that goes.  Also, William should be around 5.5 pounds and 20 inches long.  He kicks and has hiccups all of the time and we just love him.  I am still having major discomfort in my pelvis region due to the pressure and loose ligaments and joints.

Thank you for following my journey!baby bump pics


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