37 Week Fit Pregnancy Update

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37 Week Fit Pregnancy Update

Doctor Appointment At 36 Weeks

I am combining my 36 and 37 week update into one.  At 36 weeks I had a doctor's appointment and at this appointment he checked my cervix to see if it was thinning and or dilating.  He said it was 75% effaced and the cervix was softening, but it wasn't dilated.

Working Out

I did not feel any changes at 36 or 37 weeks and continued doing full body workouts along with walking 2-3 miles on the days I did not do a full body workout.  I also continue having my green juice on a daily basis along with drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and eating little snacks throughout the day.  Heartburn is something I continue to deal with and have to be careful about not eating too late.

Healthy Turkey Bacon & Veggie Breakfast Burrito

Here is a healthy breakfast recipe we had recently.  We even found healthy turkey bacon without any nitrates that I could have.  Click the link to get the full recipe. BREAKFAST BURRITO

Birthing Class

We also had our second birthing class which went great.  We learned about how to breathe during early and active labor along with massage and positions you can sit in.  My doula, Christine also has gone over different positions, breathing techniques and ways to relax your body during birth.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful doula helping us out during this exciting time. 

Doctor Appointment At 37 Weeks

At 37 weeks I also had another doctor check up.  This check up was quick.  They took my weight, blood pressure, listened to William's heart beat and then measured my bump.   I did not feel any changes the week before my appointment and so there wasn't a need to check my cervix.  My doctor said he would be checking my cervix again at my next check up.

We Can't Wait To Meet William

We are getting so excited!  I can't believe it is almost time to meet our son.  We are feeling extremely blessed and nervous, but ready to be parents!

Stay tuned for our next update.  He could come at anytime now.


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