39 Weeks Pregnancy Update

39 Weeks Pregnancy Update

39 Weeks Pregnancy Update

It is hard to believe I am already to 39 weeks!  The past couple of weeks baby William has been continuing to grow and he moves all the time.  I had my most recent doctors appointment yesterday and I am 75% effaced and dilated to 1.5 cm.  Everything looks great and he could come any day……oh the anticipation! Being pregnant with our little boy has been very special and I will miss it, but I am very ready to hold him and see what he looks like.

Lower Back Pain

This past week my lower back has been pinched off and on and pelvic pressure has felt increased.  Sleeping at night can be uncomfortable and rolling over can feel impossible.  I have several pillows and that helps with finding a position to fall asleep in.  My acid reflux has not been quite as bad, but still there.

Moving While Pregnant

We have also been dealing with moving this past week……which has turned into quite a nightmare.  This week I have worked hard packing all of our items into bins and boxes.  Clearing out all of our cupboards, drawers, closets etc.  After being in a 60 day close on our current house; yesterday I was waiting for the phone call on the time we were supposed to be signing our closing papers today.  We have been so excited and anxiously waiting for this day to come and hoping we could get all moved in before William arrives.


Shockingly the phone call was to inform us the buyers are backing out of the deal.  Who does this?  They literally waited until we are completely packed, accounts have been shifted over to the new property (which we might lose) and the Uhaul reserved, to say they changed their minds.

Lets just say with my hormones all over the place this news has been hard to stomach and I am beyond frustrated and hurt.  I am praying they slept on it and have a change of heart today.  If not I am sure it will work itself out for the better.  I am so thankful we have William coming soon!

Working Out & Nutrition

I have continued working out with quick full body workout routines.  Modifying movements as needed.  I also have been walking 3 miles on days I don't do my full body workouts.  Working out makes me feel energized and better in general.  My nutrition has been a hit and miss this week with our stuff packed and stress.  I have been having my green juice on most days, but have missed a couple. Visit our website for full body workouts and meal plans: Workout Anywhere

How Big Is William?

This week it is hard to say how big William is because at 36 weeks my doctor was guessing he was around 7.5 pounds.  His lungs should be fully developed at this point and we are just waiting for his debut!

We have been taking a birthing class one time a week which has been helpful and last week we learned about breastfeeding and caring for baby after birth.  There is so much to learn.....it is a bit overwhelming.

I will keep everyone updated on how this next week goes and maybe this is the week!!



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