First Doctors Appointment (8.5 Weeks Pregnant)

My Fit Pregnancy 8.5 Weeks

Although I was nervous for my first doctors appointment, it went really well.  My husband went with me and we and we were delighted to meet our doctor and have my first ultrasound.  Seeing the baby on the screen for the first time was absolutely amazing!!  Watch the video above and learn more. Please share…

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I’m Pregnant


During the month of September my husband and I were “busy” as much as we could be.  I kept a calendar with the dates I should be ovulating and tried to make sure we had sex daily to every other day during this period.  I also kept my caffeine to a minimum, no more coffee…

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Trying To Conceive


When it’s You’re True Desire to Conceive, Pregnancy Cannot Come Fast Enough Although the desire to start a family has always been there, my husband and I had been seriously discussing having a baby for over a year now. We always knew we wanted children, but we decided it was time to start thinking seriously about when…

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