My Fit Pregnancy 16 Weeks

16 weeks pregnant

My Fit Pregnancy 16 Weeks You are all probably wondering if we found out the gender at our appointment.  The doctor wasn’t able to get a good enough view because of the position of the baby.  However, we did schedule our big ultrasound appointment with the office upstairs.  I am so excited because it will…

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15.5 Weeks Pregnant- Second Trimester

My Fit Pregnancy 15 Weeks

My Fit Pregnancy 15.5 Weeks-Second Trimester This last week has been great.  I haven’t felt that surge of energy I have heard you are supposed to get in your second trimester, but I have felt really good.  It was nice to finally get rid of the awful cold I had.  My baby is now the…

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Second Trimester-My Fit Pregnancy 14 Weeks

14 weeks pregnant

Second Trimester-My Fit Pregnancy 14 Weeks My second trimester is already here. Sorry my post is a little late.  This past week I caught a bad cold and being pregnant I was not able to take much of anything.  My sinuses were a wreck and I had to sleep more than normal.  I am feeling…

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My Fit Pregnancy 12.5 Weeks

rundle baby 12.5 weeks

My Fit Pregnancy 12.5 Weeks I am almost finished with my first trimester!!  My baby is healthy and we are both doing awesome.  I had my second doctors appointment on Tuesday, 11/15/14.  It was a quick appointment, which was nice and I got to have another ultrasound.  The baby has changed so much.  It went…

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My Fit Pregnancy 11 Weeks

pregnancy workout

11 Weeks Pregnant I am 11.5 weeks pregnant already. Time sure does seem to be flying.  I have been feeling good, except this past week I have been really exhausted.  I have been struggling to keep my eyes open during the day and I know it is because my body is making a precious baby.…

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My Fit Pregnancy 10 Weeks (Healthy Breakfast Recipe)

Healthy Berry Yogurt Parfait

My Fit Pregnancy Journey At 10 Weeks I am 10 weeks pregnant and doing great.  I am tired, but I have noticed working out on a daily basis gives me more energy and makes me feel better overall.  In the video above I share one of my favorite healthy breakfast recipes. Please share with your…

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First Doctors Appointment (8.5 Weeks Pregnant)

My Fit Pregnancy 8.5 Weeks

Although I was nervous for my first doctors appointment, it went really well.  My husband went with me and we and we were delighted to meet our doctor and have my first ultrasound.  Seeing the baby on the screen for the first time was absolutely amazing!!  Watch the video above and learn more. Please share…

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I’m Pregnant


During the month of September my husband and I were “busy” as much as we could be.  I kept a calendar with the dates I should be ovulating and tried to make sure we had sex daily to every other day during this period.  I also kept my caffeine to a minimum, no more coffee…

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Trying To Conceive


When it’s You’re True Desire to Conceive, Pregnancy Cannot Come Fast Enough Although the desire to start a family has always been there, my husband and I had been seriously discussing having a baby for over a year now. We always knew we wanted children, but we decided it was time to start thinking seriously about when…

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