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11 Weeks Pregnant

I am 11.5 weeks pregnant already. Time sure does seem to be flying.  I have been feeling good, except this past week I have been really exhausted.  I have been struggling to keep my eyes open during the day and I know it is because my body is making a precious baby.  Although I have been tired, I feel it is extremely important to get workouts in.  The workouts give me energy and make me feel better overall.

Boot Camp and working out while pregnant.

This week I decided to do boot camp with my boot camp class and let my husband teach.  It is fun to do a group workout and it 11 Weeks Pregnanthelps me push myself a little harder. I also have been doing my Workout Anywhere quick, total body workouts right in my own living room.   If you would like to try one of my workouts  visit our Freestyle Workout Board.

Good nutrition while pregnant is so important.

My eating has been consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken, almonds, peanut butter, some fish and a lot of water.  I decided this past week to cut  dairy completely out of my diet during the week and only have it on one day (either Saturday or Sunday).  I did this because my skin has been breaking out really bad and I thought it might be contributing.  Sure enough after a week of not having it my skin has improved quite a bit.  I am going to continue to only have it on occasion.

My next doctors appointment is next week. YAY!!!  I am excited to see how this little jelly bean is doing.  I will keep you all posted on the visit.

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