My Fit Pregnancy 16 Weeks

16 weeks pregnant

My Fit Pregnancy 16 Weeks

You are all probably wondering if we found out the gender at our appointment.  The doctor wasn’t able to get a good enough view because of the position of the baby.  However, we did schedule our big ultrasound appointment with the office upstairs.  I am so excited because it will be a 3D image at the next appointment and determining the gender is much easier with this machine.  In  just about 2.5 weeks we will find out what we are having!!

This week has been a busy one with Christmas almost here.  Time is flying by and my bump is getting a little bit bigger. Right now my fit pregnancy 16 weeksmy baby is the size of an avocado and is about 4.5 inches long.  Over the next four weeks my baby will be doubling in size.  This means my bump is going to get quite a bit bigger in the next month.  I will have to be creative with some of my workout moves, lol.

This week I have worked out for several days in a row and I am planning on taking Christmas off to relax and enjoy with my family.  My eating has been pretty good.  I have been having my daily juice and getting my fruits and veggies in, but I also have splurged a little.

My husband and I have also been busy gearing up for our big 12 Week New Year, New Year Challenge we are holding on our website Workout Anywhere.  If you need some extra motivation this year to get your health on track please check it out.  We have some great cash prizes, local giveaways and even free spa sessions for Spokane challengers.

This next week I will make a goal to do a fit pregnancy workout on camera and you can join me in a good sweat session!

Talk to you all soon,


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