I’m Pregnant


During the month of September my husband and I were “busy” as much as we could be.  I kept a calendar with the dates I should be ovulating and tried to make sure we had sex daily to every other day during this period.  I also kept my caffeine to a minimum, no more coffee or caffeinated beverages.  I did not partake in any alcoholic beverages just in case I was pregnant.

Towards the end of the month of September I was feeling very eager to find out if I was pregnant.  My boobs were feeling extremely tender, but this could also be a sign my period was about to start.  I was hoping it was a sign I was pregnant.

I bought a pregnancy test (and I went with the cheeper grocery store brand).  A few day before my period was supposed to start I became impatient and could not wait any longer to take a pregnancy test.  It came back negative. I decided it was because I  took it too early and I would wait a couple more days to try it again.  A couple days later I took another test and there was a very, very faint line. So faint it could have been there all along and maybe it was me just wanting to see a line.  I was beginning to feel disappointed, but I would have to remain positive because the faint line could mean something and I would give it one more try.

I bought the Clear Blue pregnancy test that same day because it says “pregnant” or “not pregnant” on it.  This way there would be no faint lines or guessing.  I took the test and it said PREGNANT!!  My heart started racing and my hands started shaking as I realized it was really happening, I was pregnant with my first baby!  Excitement raced through my whole body as I sprinted up the stairs and could hardly speak to tell my husband we were having a baby.

The look on his face was priceless.  He was almost in shock and was rather quiet for a minute.  Then he said, “I guess it didn’t take us very long.” I am very blessed to be pregnant the second month of trying and I am so ready for this life changing journey with my husband.

Talk to you soon,


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Jessica Rundle

My name is Jessica Rundle, and I'm a career trainer (cofounder of Workout Anywhere), wife, high school strength/track coach and new mom! It's my goal and passion to help others live a happier and healthier lifestyle! Learn more about the training movement my husband and I started at Workout Anywhere !

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