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The past couple of weeks have been great.  My baby is growing and I can feel him moving….and this is super exciting.  I have noticed some changes this week as my baby and uterus have grown.  Squats feel weird now….I am able to do them, but it feels different.  Below I have written out my pregnancy workouts for the past couple of weeks.

Pregnancy Workout Schedule Week 21-22 (I have been able to continue doing CrossFit Classes, as well as my in home total body workouts and Boot Camp Class.)

*This is what I have been doing for my pregnancy workouts, however I did this before I was pregnant and I listen to my body.  If you are new to pregnancy workouts, talk with you doctor and go at your own pace with exercises you are comfortable with.pregnancy workouts weeks 21 and 22

Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/

Friday: Boot Camp Class (Full Body Circuit Workout)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Monday: This workout was great. I did 5 rounds of  5 reps of the back squat at 115 pounds.  Then I did a conditioning workout of  7 Thrusters, 7  Slam Balls and 30 Double Unders for 10 minutes.  I was worried I would have trouble with the double unders because of my little one sitting on my bladder, but I managed.

Tuesday: I did the power clean with 95 pounds 5 sets of 3.  Then I did a conditioning workout. 5 Rounds of 10 burpees and as many squat cleans as I could get in 2 minutes (95 lbs).  Rested one minute in between each set.

Wednesday: I did boot camp class with our boot campers:  Full Body Circuit Workout

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: 10 Kipping Pull-ups, 20 Wall Balls, 30 Kettle Bell Swings and 40 Box Step Ups as many rounds in 15 minutes as I could get.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Front squat 105 pounds (5 reps for 4 rounds) 125 pounds 3 reps one round. Conditioning workout: 5 kipping pull-ups, 10 burpees and 15 box step ups (as many rounds in 5 minutes) and then 4 minutes of 1 squat clean and 1 front squat plus 1 push-press.

Tuesday: Conditioning workout: 2 rounds of:  40 wall balls, 30 Sumo Dead-lift High Pulls, 20 Push-Press and 200 meter run.

Wednesday: 10 minutes of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats, 5 power cleans (95 lbs) Then later Boot Camp class: We did 30 minutes of 30 wall balls, 30 lunges, 30 pull-ups, 30 squat jumps, and 200 meter run.

Thursday (Today): Rest (Sadly I pinched my back this morning when bending over to put dishes in the dishwasher. I may not be able to workout for the rest of the week.)

Friday: Hopefully Boot Camp Class, but I might have to take another rest day.  I am going to my chiropractor in the morning.

My eating has been good, but could be better. For Breakfast  I have been eating oatmeal with nuts and berries with eggs or greek yogurt.  Everyday I drink my green juice…normally for my mid morning or afternoon snack with a Kind Bar.  For lunch I have been craving….and having a chicken burrito with black beans, chicken, onions, peppers, salsa and a little cheese. Dinner varies….sometimes I make dinner and we have Chicken, veggies and salad, or it may be spaghetti, chili or stir fry and salad, or sometimes we go out to dinner. Snacks are normally Kind Bars, or an apple with nuts.

I do have quite the appetite and I eat more calories than I used to. I have also consumed more carbohydrates since I have been pregnant.  This is one of the reasons I try to get 5 workouts in a week.  It helps me not only with energy, strength and mobility, but it also helps counter some of the extra calories.

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