Second Trimester-My Fit Pregnancy 14 Weeks

14 weeks pregnant

Second Trimester-My Fit Pregnancy 14 Weeks

My second trimester is already here. Sorry my post is a little late.  This past week I caught a bad cold and being pregnant I was not able to take much of anything.  My sinuses were a wreck and I had to sleep more than normal.  I am feeling much better now and I am just past 14 weeks!

Baby Bump

I am also excited to say I have a little baby bump going on now.  It is not huge, but more noticeable when wearing certain clothes.  If 14 weeks pregnantyou are pregnant and wondering when you will show, just be patient….one day you will wake up and you just look more pregnant.  Everyone is different too.  Some people show much earlier than others and that is okay.

Workouts, Exercises and Weights

This past week I only was able to workout 3 days because I wasn’t feeling well, but this week I am hoping to do at least 5 workouts. Working out while pregnant really does help with mood, energy and overall health.  I have been continuing to do everything I did before I was pregnant, except for exercises like the superman (which now feel uncomfortable).  I also do lift weights, but listen to my body and I don’t lift quite as heavy as I did before I was pregnant.  The doctor told me the main thing to do is listen to my body. If something doesn’t feel right I don’t do it.  If you would like to try one of my workouts out here is a link: Freestyle Board.

Drinking & Eating For Two

Now that I am pregnant I am not participating in any holiday alcohol drinks, but it is okay.  It is not that bad and I honestly didn’t drink very ofter before I was pregnant which makes it even easier.  Instead I am sticking to water, occasional coffee and juice.  I also have been eating plenty of fresh fruit and veggies along with lean protein and healthy fats.  I haven’t completely cut out dairy, but I am trying to have it only on occasion.  I have noticed my appetite has increased since I have been pregnant which is totally normal.

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