Trying To Conceive


When it’s You’re True Desire to Conceive, Pregnancy Cannot Come Fast Enough

Although the desire to start a family has always been there, my husband and I had been seriously discussing having a baby for over a year now. We always knew we wanted children, but we decided it was time to start thinking seriously about when would be the best time to start trying. We originally agreed we would start in the spring. Then spring came and we didn’t really feel ready, so we agreed the end of summer would be perfect.

Trying to Conceive

August was our first month of trying to get pregnant.  It was also the first time I had actually researched the topic of getting pregnant and how long it can take. I was shocked to find out that each month the percentage rate of getting pregnant (while trying) is only 25%! Then I started to feel like maybe we should have started trying like a year ago because it could take a while to actually conceive. The pregnancy result for August was negative and I was so disappointed.

Avoiding Fit Pregnancy Inhibitors

I did some more research on what can reduce the chances of getting pregnant.  One “big no-no,” was caffeine, which had been frequent in my diet. I decided to cut it out completely. Wouldn’t you know it, but who had an awful headache for 4-5 days? This girl did, but it was worth the try.

In addition, I also read if you lay flat for 15-20 minutes after having sex, the chances for getting pregnant are much higher. This along with pinpointing around the time I was ovulating was a key factor for getting pregnant fast.

What’s Next?

Next time I’ll share my “I’m pregnant news” in my next blog.


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